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VINTAGE 2016: Picking the Best from the Rest

Monday 13 June 2016

The 2016 vintage is coming to a close in Marlborough and the Marlborough Natural Winegrower members (MANA) could not be happier with the quality of the fruit. They have found that extra care and management in their organic vineyards has lead to exceptionally clean, pristine fruit.

Anna Flowerday from Te Whare Ra Wines says, “This vintage had some big challenges due to a very good flowering and a big fruit set, plus lots of pressure from powdery mildew. But all the extra effort that we put in throughout the season in dropping crop and lots of hand leaf work really paid off and meant that we were picking amazing fruit in pristine condition. We are thrilled with the quality of the 2016 harvest.”

The 2015/16 growing season in Marlborough was characterised by a warmer than average summer, with the driest growing season recorded in 80 years and an extended drought period up until the end of December. This resulted in very even flowering and bunch set.

A touch of rain in January was welcomed and made sure that the vine canopies stayed healthy and active and were able to ripen the grapes fully and with great concentration of flavour. The second half of the summer presented some challenges but the MANA members extra efforts with crop thinning and meticulous canopy management meant that they were able to harvest clean fruit in pristine condition with no disease pressure.

For another MaNa member, Seresin Estate – 2016 is a significant and exciting vintage marking their 20th vintage producing wine. Clive Dougall from Seresin Estate says, “Well we’ve nearly finished our 20th Vintage, and my 11th at Seresin and once again have been seeing the resilience that natural winegrowing brings. 2016 has been a tough year for mildew and botrytis in Marlborough, but the thicker grape skins that evolve due to Organic and Biodynamic winegrowing have been so important in minimising damage to our members fruit.”

MaNa members are consistently at the forefront of innovative organic winegrowing and the quality shines through in their 2016 vintage organic wines.