MANA – Marlborough Natural Winegrowers

Producing the very best wine possible – naturally

The Criteria

What we stand for:

MANA Members share some common beliefs and approaches in the vineyard and winery which each of us believe is important for quality and environmental reasons.


MANA Members believe a genuine commitment to organics assists in producing quality wines and is better for the health of the land we farm and environment we live in.

Members are either fully certified organic, or have committed to a plan to achieve 100% certification of all vineyard land by 2015, and have demonstrated progress in achieving this over time.

Members have at least 85% of the vineyard land  from which they source their grapes in formal conversion to organics or certified organic through an independent third party verification agency (eg BioGro).


MANA Members have a commitment to Marlborough and a belief in this place as a special winegrowing region.  When our wine labels say ‘Marlborough’ we mean it, and we’re proud of it.

All of MANA Members’ wines are grown, made and bottled in Marlborough.


MANA Members believe a winery investment demonstrates a commitment to quality and a commitment to the Marlborough region and is the only way to ensure total control of the winemaking process.

MANA Members’ wines are made in their own wineries.


Only wines grown from vineyards in organic conversion and approved through the MANA’s peer-tasting process will be used for MANA activities and events.  “Peer tasting ” ? – it’s a tough job but someone has to do it.  Each of us is happy to stand behind any of the wines we collectively agree represent MANA’s values and approach.  We enjoy and learn from each others’ wines and wines from around the world.


MANA Members are accountable to each other for the truth of claims made to support their ongoing membership of MANA. We trust each other, and that trust is built on transparency which enables us to see that we’re each walking the walk, not just talking it.

If you share these values, agree with what we stand for, and want to join MANA, contact any member.