MANA – Marlborough Natural Winegrowers

Producing the very best wine possible – naturally

Marlborough Natural Winegrowers:

We are a group of like-minded, Marlborough Wine Growers who share a passion for producing the very best wine possible – naturally.

We share a common belief in traditional, natural, artisanal winegrowing to create truly expressive and unique wines. All winegrowing involves human intervention – but how much is a choice.  Natural winegrowing suggests “less is more” – the less the soil, grapes and wines are artificially manipulated, the more the wines can express where they come from.

We each have our own wineries, with our own winemaking teams, ensuring full control of every step of the winemaking process and illustrating our commitment to quality.  We all practice organics to improve wine quality as well as for environmental reasons, and are either in conversion or certified organic under an independently audited programme.

Marlborough is a very special winegrowing region. We take a natural approach to allow regional, sub-regional and vineyard influences to come through in our wines, which are 100% grown, produced and bottled in Marlborough.

Click on the winery logos to learn more about each of our members.  Enjoy !


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